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Which Massage Therapist Should I Choose?

Claire and I are basically interchangable in terms of what we bring to the table. Many folks are adamant about working with me when it comes to incredibly complex problems, but we are both fantastic choices. 

Do you only work on athletes?

In short, No. We collectively have a variety of certifications, including prenatal, and can work on anyone who is looking for optimal wellness, provided we are a good fit for their needs.

What is the massage session experience?

Our process begins with a detailed intake form sent securely via email, allowing us to gather essential information for planning and research. Upon arrival, we briefly review the intake, discuss session goals, and assess baseline pain and movement. Following the session, we provide personalized recommendations and treatment frequency. Expect a follow-up email and text for continued support.

How should I dress for my session?

I always recommend clients show up in comfortable clothing since I may have you moving around, repositioning, or getting on and off the table to check patterns. As for undressing, we will accommodate all levels of comfort.

How much of the session is actual “hands-on” time?

Many spas advertise “60-minutes” but only provide a 45-50 minute session due to table transition time and intake. We try to maximize your session with the full timeframe, which is why we ask that you fill out your intake thoroughly prior to arriving.

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